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Kay Vintage Players
Barney Kessel

Barney Kessel is by far the greatest and most recorded jazz, swing, pop, be-bop and television guitarists of all time. Barney has worked such greats as Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys and Frank Sinatra and has been sited as the "Greatest Guitarist on Earth" by such heavyweights as John Lennon, George Harrison, Phil Spector and Jimi Hendrix.

Winner of Downbeat Magazine's readers poll 3 years in a row (1957-'59) and winner of the same category in Metronome, Playboy and Esquire magazines, Kay is extremely proud to have Mr. Kessel in our family tree.

The picture shown here was taken at a concert in a 1957. Barney played this guitar exclusively from 1957 to '59.

Photo courtesy of The Phyllis Kessel Collection.
Photo By: Walter Wachter.

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Sir Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney has been seen playing the Kay Jazz Special bass throughout the years.
Paul and this bass have been seen on the cover of the Wings 45 single for "Jet" and later on the Top Of The Pops performance of "Jr's Farm" and in the video "Ebony and Ivory" with Stevie Wonder. It is rumored that the Jazz Bass was exclusively used to record Wings album "Red Rose Speedway".

The picture shown here was used in an expose on Paul in People Magazine and features the Jazz Special bass along with Bill Blacks Kay upright bass used in nearly all of Elvis Presley's live performances.

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T Bone Burnett

T Bone Burnett's 40 years of experience in music and entertainment have earned him an unparalleled reputation as a first-rate innovative artist, songwriter, producer, performer, concert producer, record company owner and artists’ advocate.

As seen in countless photos, T Bone plays a vintage Kay Thin Twin as his main favorite guitar. The guitar can be heard on most of his recordings on albums, television shows and blockbuster movies such as "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou", "Walk the Line" and "Crazy Heart" and T.V. Shows "True Detective" and "Nashville".

To see the reissue of the Thin Twin K161V, please click here.
Tom Petty

Tom Petty was known for using a vast arsenal of guitars and the Kay Barney Kessel Jazz Special is one of them. Kay Guitar Company is proud to list Tom Petty as a notable player and exceptional songwriter.

To see the reissue of the Jazz Special K8700V, please click here.
Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow loves her 1954 Kay Pro Bass Model K162.

A little known fact about Sheryl is that she started out as a bass player and in addition to her beginnings, her first bass was a Kay.

Although Sheryl plays a wide variety of basses and guitars, a plethora of footage is available with her and her Kay bass.

Sheryl currently plays a vintage 1954 model.
To see the reissue of the Pro Bass K162V, please click here.
J.R. Rose

J.R. Rose loves her 1965 Kay "Music Note" Model Flat Top Acoustic.

I’m J.R. Rose, half of the duo, "Gladys & Maybelle", singing sisters, from deep in the heart of Texas.

You may have seen J.R. on HGTV’s "The Endless Yard Sale with the Junk Gypsies", or perhaps on Elvis.com from the shows she's played at Graceland (that's right... Graceland!).

J.R. plays and sings primarily vintage country & gospel, some vintage pop, and original music. Typically you can catch her singing the classic songs of performers such as Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, and of course, her favorite: Elvis. She also performs a slew of our own original numbers that of course have that vintage nod as well.
Jack White

Jack White of the band White Stripes uses a 1955-56 Kay K148 spanish electric archtop hollowbody exclusively for playing slide guitar. This one threw us off since he added two extra fingerboard position inlays at the 12th fret thus making it deceptively unidentifiable!

It can be heard on such tracks as "Seven Nation Army", “Death Letter” and “Stop Breaking Down.” He keeps it tuned to open A.

His 1950's Kay Archtop guitar, shown here, is originally a tobacco sunburst, but it was covered in kraft paper in 2001 – supposedly to stop feedback, though it may be just for aesthetic reasons.

There is currently no reissue of this guitar but it is still cool nevertheless!
Randy Jackson

A lot of people know Randy Jackson as an American Idol judge, but they don't know Randy Jackson the musician.

Randy Jackson is a Grammy Award winning rock bassist, singer, record producer and Emmy Award-nominated television and radio personality, now best known as a judge on American Idol.

Randy has a vast arsenal of bass guitars but one of his favorites is his "Fritz Bros." Roger Fritz Kay Custom K161 Pro bass shown in this picture.

To see the reissue of the Pro Bass K162V, please click here.
Eric Clapton

At first glance, you probably can't tell who this young lad is.

It's Eric Clapton, playing in the Roosters prior to joining The Yardbirds.

This is Eric's first guitar. A 1963 Blond Jazz II purchased from the music store Bell's by Eric's grandmother.

After joining The Yarbirds, Eric stopped playing Kay but at least we have this excellent picture to remind us how cool Kay guitars really are!

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